CardTech began in 1985 when card use was mostly conventional credit and rolodex. As loyalty/gift cards, access control/key locks, payroll badges/photo ID etc. each came along we built relationships with card driven equipment and software providers (point of sale, payroll clocks, security and access locks, loyalty programs etc.), often manufacturing for them the cards they distribute with their systems. We therefore have a keen sense of what works and what does not in any of these applications.

With each new technology (smart chips, proximity readers, tap etc.) we know the best equipment for each application, assimilating these advantages into the cards we design and manufacture. We also provide full support services (mail merge, packaging, distribution etc.) and peripheral products (storage racks, imprinters, pouches / lanyards etc.). related to various card uses as well.

Long story short: CardTech has over 30 years of accumulated experience, connections, and expertise with which to help you get the absolute most out of your new or existing card driven application…as ECONOMICALLY, EXPEDITIOUSLY, and EFFECTIVELY as possible.

50% of CardTech profits go to support NuLinks Prison Aftercare, a registered Canadian charity that supports releasees and their families with ongoing therapy, employment advocacy, education underwriting, addiction recovery and other services that end when their warrant expires but are usually still greatly needed.

You save by helping society because our assigning 50% of profits to charity means our 1.) suppliers give us discounted pricing and can write off 50% of their cost of what they do supply (as donation), and 2.) our customers can write of 50% of the already reduced cost of whatever product or service we provide as a charitable donation.