Saving Money by Saving Society

50% of CardTech profits go to support NuLinks Prison Aftercare, a registered Canadian charity designed to supports offenders who have served their sentences, are returning to society and their families, but are determined to become healthy, self reliant, contributing members of society. To succeed they usually with ongoing therapy and counsel, employment advocacy and opportunity, educational assistance / underwriting, and (almost universally) addiction recovery and other services, public / government funding for which ends completely when their warrant expires but which are needed the most when they face the strains of re-establishing themselves in the work force, healing their family relationships, staying clean, abiding by the law among other challenges.

This is the primary cause of overall recidivism (re-offending and re-incarceration) rates remaining around 44% within 12 months in Canada.

NuLinks Prison Aftercare began in 2014 as a privately funded but publicly registered charity that provides 1.) immediate*, individualized, localized (aka within the neighborhood in which they reside) carefully trained community support teams for each returning citizen and their loved ones, and 2.) funding for whatever ongoing services and resources the individual and his or her family needs (housing, counseling, financial support, employment advocacy and/or education assistance, medical and therapeutic addiction recovery services etc.).

*Evaluation and engagement of a NuLinks ‘client’ is established well before their WED (Warrant Expiry Date / cessation of all publicly funded support), while still incarcerated, so that all the people, programs and services they and their family will need have been evaluated and put in place…ready to go…the day they are released (or before that in the case of family awaiting their release).

By purchasing products and services from CardTech, you save your hard earned dollars by the very act of also helping society because our assigning 50% of profits to this charity means our 1.) suppliers give us discounted pricing and can write off 50% of that ‘cost’ on whatever they do supply (as donation), and 2.) our customers can write of 50% of the already reduced cost of whatever product or service we provide (as a charitable donation) because they have given us their business on the premise of 50% of the margin they pay going to this charity.

In terms of accountability / assurance that all is ‘above board’, we give a third party accounting firm full, transparent access to all our records and transactions 24/7, all of which are audited every quarter. This information is available to any customer or supplier, at any time, once they have had any level of transaction with us, and it forms the basis of the receipting we provide for their charitable donation deductions.

In other words, while we have to be in business to make some money (overhead, equipment maintenance, materials inflation, expansion etc.), we are primarily in business to make a significant contribution to the constructive growth and increased health of the society that provides our shareholders and our employees with a living.


Your end user cost of a typical retail or restaurant loyalty or gift card can vary from $0.20 right up to $0.90 depending on 1.) quantity and timeline required, 2.) complexity of design / artwork / set up, 3.) programming of dynamic stripe / chip encoding or barcoding, programming with your 4.) existing or replacement POS system…marketing (effective use) consultation, carrier or packaging / delivery etc..

All of these elements, at the level of cost of goods sold to CardTech, are discounted at the supplier level (for discounted amount) toward being tax deductible, charitable donations to NuLinks vicariously through CardTech. The discounts impact on our (and thereby your) final cost depends on not only the amount of discount but the percentage of the overall cost that material or process represents.

The overall discount comes in 2 stages or levels: that of the supplier discount realized by reducing our material costs and claiming the resulting deduction or loss`, and that of your discount realized by claiming the deduction on 50% of our margin.


In other words even, say for example, a chip encoding process that only represents 10% of an overall cost of $0.60, results in a $0.09 (or 10%) discount on the regular sale price of the card corresponding to that cost (normally selling for $0.90 each, based on artwork, quantity etc.). This makes for a discount of $0.09…or $0.81 each…per card. When multiplied by the size order that standard cost translates into (1000 cards), you save $90.00 as a result of a supplier discounts that only represents 10% 0f the overall cost of that card. In other words with an average discount of 5% on all the over materials or processes involved, the cost is reduced another $0.045 per unit, or $45.00, making your overall savings $0.135 each, which means $900.00 – $135.00 = $765.00 (or 15%) off the regular price.




the cardfinal cost of the card unit may be discounted 75% by the contractor, but that only translates into a $0.045 (five cent) reduction of our cost and

Our various material suppliers and contractors provide stock plastic materials


By dealing with CardTech, you have the option of becoming a client (as we are) of ‘Care Incorporated’, a group of companies throughout western Canada dedicated to redefining the increasingly (usually justifiable) maligned public perception (and frenzied media reporting) of corporate and industrial Canada as being all about profit regardless of it’s effect on working people’s wages, benefits, and even safety as well as the health, safety, and best interests of the public from which they extract said profits. Care Incorporated coaches member businesses on how to run a leaner, faster growing, more profitable operation by engaging the tax, legal, and public relations advantages we have developed and made available only to philanthropically like-minded companies, versus the more common epidemic of doing so by manipulating tax law and misrepresenting figures…cheating.

Your membership provides you with professional legal, taxation, accounting, and marketing advice aimed at maximizing the benefits to your bottom line from becoming more philanthropically oriented…yet still in business to make a profit (!).